Japan is one country that has the lowest rate of obesity in the whole world. There was a statistics that was done in 2005 that showed Japan had only 3.2% of its population being obese. The United State topped the list with 30% of its population being obese. People associate this low rate of obese in Japan with their approach to exercise and diet. Their national diet is well balanced. Lo in fat and high in lean proteins. Here are Japanese weight loss tricks you did not know.

Their staple food is rice and fish. Their meals must contain a portion of rice or a piece of fish. They serve two pieces of fish – one will be served cold and the other one hot. They have their own way of  cooking fish – its baked, served in soup, grilled or eaten raw. There are studies that has shown Japanese people take more fruits that the Americans. Also the Japanese take less red meat. Fish has many nutritional values that you cannot find in other kinds of meat.

Rice is the main source of carbohydrate in Japan. It will not miss in any kind of meal they take. The weigh loss center claims that 55% of calorie intake in Japan comes from carbohydrates. The Japanese favor brown rice that is high in fiber and other nutrients than white rice. Due to the carbohydrate rich diet, the Japanese do not have the craving to eat sugary foods.

slimming-secrets-for-weight-lossThe Japanese adopt an eating plan where they will eat a lot of food varieties in small portions spread through out the day – this is unlike Americans. Food like sushi are bite sized and this encourages them to eat slowly – this means they will eat less at a given period of time. They also use smaller plates that can only hold a small portion of food. This is a trick to create an illusion that you have eaten more food than you have actually eaten.

Japanese have incorporated exercise into their lifestyle. They tend to believe in exercise more than they do in going to the gym. The most common form of exercise is walking and biking – which are also a common form of transportation. When they walk to their places of work and take the stairs, thy burn the excess calories in their bodies hence maintaining a healthy body weight. This is very important to a person who wants to fight obesity.

There are special cooking techniques that the Japanese use. They use broths to flavor their foods – this is free of calories or any other kind of chemical that is found in common spices and cream sauces. There are a number of broths used, but the fish broth is the most common and it is very important when serving or preparing a cuisine. When cooking, the use light cooking techniques like steaming – this means that the food will not be overcooked.Calorie-Shaper_1984363c

These are the Japanese weight loss tips and tricks that ensure you will never see an obese Japanese girl. You can borrow a thing or two if you want to lose weight effectively.